Confirmed Speakers

For the first time in Brazil, Corey Goode sets out to provide accurate information about what is happening behind the scenes of the secret military space program, the secret government and the development of the industrialization of our solar system. In a narrative that may seem to some to be fiction, Corey reveals the true story of humanity's heavenly presence and the details of an extraterrestrial message that conveys details of the future collective ascension to humanity. The Sphere Being Alliance is here to guide us through the ascension process, but it is up to us to enact the changes that will lead to full disclosure. Corey Goode conveys the Blue Aviaries spiritual message that details the spiritual advancement we must make.

John Desouza -

For the first time in Brazil, John DeSouza has investigated and collected experiences on paranormal cases and UFOs for two decades. He was a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agent who has had a "Top Secret" security clearance for over 25 years. He has worked against terrorism and in violent crime cases such as 9/11. John's life and affairs were the inspiration for the famous 90's "The X-Files - 20th Century FOX" series to learn more click here.

Sixto Paz is a Peruvian author and speaker focused on the UFO phenomenon, particularly on alien contact, from a spiritual point of view. It stands out among ufologists for having called the international press for advance sightings on more than ten occasions. As a self-proclaimed contactee, he has published more than 20 books on the subject and his work, promotes a systematic method of physical and mental contact preparation, and protocols for documenting, validating, and confirming contact experiences.

Eleanor Luzes has been a Jungian doctor, psychiatrist and analyst for over 30 years. She worked for three years in obstetrics and was a primary teacher. She holds a Master's degree in Psychology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and a PhD from the Institute of Psychology of the same University, with a thesis on "The Need for the Teaching of Science for the Beginning of Life" in high schools and universities. . Eleanor is Brazilian and teaches courses, workshops and lectures on her thesis in order to inform society, especially those who wish to become mothers and fathers of a more loving humanity.

The curiosity of the boy and the restlessness of the fisherman who dreamed of knowing the world by sea transformed the life of Adnir Ramos, also known as "Maninho". Graduated in library science, with a postgraduate degree in anthropology, the fisherman and today a Brazilian author located the clusters of overlapping stones that form small windows. They are crevices from which you can see the sunrise on the solstices and equinoxes, celestial events that mark the change of seasons, right next to Santinho Beach. Along with the dolmens, it was also discovered some rock inscriptions, marks left by ancient villages and Maninho will tell us everything.

Ted Heidk

Ted Heidk is a former FOpEsp (Special Operations Forces), consultant and speaker on military and public security matters. Scholar in Politics and Strategy and Polemology, he is also a former combat instructor in ground warfare. He has worked in secret missions, using state-of-the-art technologies for monitoring and coercive control of non-human biological entities (aliens, aliens and intraterrestrials) in various regions of the globe.

Co-author of the book "Planetary Intervention", Ted tells his story of meeting extraterrestrials, including in ground combat - yes, on our planet. A reality that few in the world know and comment on, which he felt in his skin.

Co-organizer of EXPERIENCE2020 and creator of the Study and Research of the Technolgy of the Spirit system, lectures, courses, workshops and experiences around the world. She has channeled over 300 fractal codes and programs revealing new Quantum Field Healing procedures and concepts. For over 12 years the focus of Quantum Apometry has been linked to the Dawn Project at the facilities of the Florianópolis University Hospital, where Carina coordinates more than 30 therapists and trainee students developing and deepening the knowledge of this technique, in a volunteer work that meets community as a whole. In 2017, the First Ambulatory of Quantum Apometry for Children was created, which underpins the experience of applying this technique to them.

Fabio SantoS -

Fabio SantoS, co-organizer of EXPERIENCE2020, is the author of two books - "The Answer for Everything" and "Planetary Intervention", speaker, Reconnective Healing®, Quantum Stellar Healing®, Orixa Reiki® method practitioner Voronandek & Melchizedec® from Rometria®, he created his own method of therapy called The ONE Approach. Fabio is also a member of Drunvalo Melchizedek's School of Remembering®, a Certified Coach by the Certified Coaches Federation® of Canada, and an International Council Certified Hypnologist of Education and Certification of Hypnosis and member of the American Academy of Hypnotists. Fabio is a Brazilian living in Canada that travels the world with his Galactic Awakening courses and lectures aimed at independent consciousness awakening without religion, dogma, masters or hierarchies.

Daniel Namkhay - Musical guest

Born in Argentina but resident for 26 years in southern Brazil, Daniel has been researching for 30 years the cultures, myths, spirituality and songs of the native traditions of the earth, especially the native peoples of the Americas, Japan, China, India, Indonesia. Mongolia and Tibet, where most of its masters and teachers come from. He lived in the US, studying the rich culture of Native American peoples, their music, their flutes and their drums. As a concrete way to sow the energy of peace, brotherhood, and contacting people with what he calls the Miracle of Existence, Daniel creates peaceful, long, natural-sounding songs that are used and tested by thousands of therapists around the world.

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