The Event

An Idea Is Born

In an unpretentious telephone conversation, Carina Greco and Fabio SantoS came up with the idea of this event that started out smaller and then took on unimaginable proportions. Aligned with the universal purpose, the event aims for a unique EXPERIENCE for participants and speakers - physical, mental and spiritual in every way, bringing ideas, insights and knowledge together in a cauldron for Awakening Awareness.

An unprecedented list of speakers

There has never been in Brazil (probably globally) such a heterogeneous and complementary list of speakers, coming from the most diverse life experiences and diverse knowledge in the area of science, ufology and spirituality. EXPERIENCE2020 is bringing several international names to Brazil for the first time - including Corey Goode -  to join a list of high impact national figures. Yes, we want to mix tribes and ideas, because only then we awake together.

A heavenly place

There was no doubt in choosing Costão do Santinho Resort as the location of this EXPERIENCE. There are few places in the world that can provide this structure of events, quality service, first-class accommodation, international standard cuisine, leisure, beach, forest, mountain, nature and all without worrying about the bill at the end of the day. All inclusive. Thus we have the perfect environment, without distractions, to focus on vibrational increase, reconnecting with our Self and Awakening Awareness.

A lifetime experience

No doubt it will be three days to remember for the rest of your life. An internal immersion, a reconnection with oneself, aligning purposes and energies with the universe, immersed in the high vibration generated by them, for we have the same goal, the same purpose of existence. By the way, why not turn the event into a family vacation? Spend a week there, relaxing, resting. Taking the time to study at the event and rest body and mind.

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